PTEN Patient-Powered Registry

  • Participation requires that you provide PHTS with some basic information and answer 3 questions
  • After completing the 3 questions, you will have an opportunity to upload any supporting documentation
  • After review of your information, if you meet participation criteria, you will receive an email invitation from Connect & Care to complete a consent form and participate in the registry
There are situations where you may be a person with PHTS and/or you may be the legally authorized representative of a person with PHTS. This form should be completed for each individual with PHTS. Answer the questions based on the individual for whom the form is being submitted.
Please answer the following questions:
Have you been diagnosed with a PTEN mutation?
Have you been clinically diagnosed with Cowden Syndrome or Cowden-like syndrome?
Are you a legally authorized representative of a minor or other person with a diagnosis of a PTEN mutation, Cowden Syndrome or Cowden-like Syndrome?
Upload Clinical Documents
Upload either a PDF, Text Document, PNG or JPG